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Digital solutions
for any business

  • Website creation
  • Bringing company’s web site to top search results
  • New online projects launch
  • Lead generation organizing for various target audiences
  • Online demand analysis
  • Marketing consulting
  • Internet sales arrangement
  • New product launch
  • Purchase funnel arrangement
  • Bringing company’s web site to top search results
  • Strategy and implementation for effective communication with clients
  • Web design
  • Opportunities analysis for D2C development
  • Social media brand promotion
  • 3D content creation, VR, AR
  • Mobile apps development

About us

Our services

Digital Maverick is a full cycle digital agency. We bring companies online and create brands. To those who are already online we help to become even more effective and profitable. It is easy to work with us because we speak your language and we are keen to increase your success. We support a multipronged approach but we guarantee that each and every of our services will add value to your business.


Digital marketing

Any digital marketing channel is just one of the tools in the system. Using a single tool you limit your own sales and the audience which might be interested in your goods. Multifaceted approach in digital marketing guarantees that you will not miss a penny in the world of constantly changing digital trends.

digital design

Once you take a decision to launch a new product or move your business online we work out the realization plan for your ideas through digital marketing tools. We test different ways of getting to your business goal.

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digital marketing

It is just the right time to look at the digital channels for promoting your goods or business. In the beginning we analyze your competitors. After that we evaluate your target audience and check if all the potential clients categories are addressed.

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digital entrance

If for any reason your business is not online until now we will help you to make it right. Primarily we calculate business’ gain from going online.

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SEO Solutions

SEO optimization is an integral part of digital marketing. Search optimization allows your potential clients finding your goods or business through any search engine. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is a complex analytical work which brings mid- and long term guaranteed results.

seo audit

Proper SEO audit not only lets you discover web site’s technical mistakes but also find “blind” zones of your web site.

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ppc strategy

Top search results promotion speed directly depends on SEO strategy chosen for a web site.

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ppc promotion

SEO website promotion is an everyday painstaking work on improving web site’s visibility by search engines.

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PPC Solutions

SEO website promotion is a long term strategy and results will not be visible right away. Oppositely, PPC (Pay Per Click) can show results in a couple of days after the ad campaign was launched. It is a quick ad which immediately attracts potential clients. You just pay a search engine for moving to its top search results.

ppc audit

Paid advertising does not guarantee at all that clients will come exactly to you. Eye catching banners can look as fake if a client does not find the necessary information on the web site after he clicks the banner.

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seo strategy

PPC strategy is an integral part of work before launching any kind of ad campaign if you plan to get real clients. Otherwise you just spend your budget with the hope of luck.

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seo promotion

You have a PPC strategy so you can launch an ad campaign. We analyzed the competitors and considered all the data provided. Our copywriters prepare the texts, a manager sets up the ad and checks the processes efficiency.

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We do not manage social networks pages. We create and set advertising in social media. Our goal is your prompt and qualitative result from interaction between your potential clients and your ad on social media.

Since social media ad is usually a part of digital marketing strategy it has to be in line with other channels of clients’ attraction, follow your business goals and match with your brand’s tone of voice.

smm promotion

SMM for us is a part of marketing plan. It is one of the tools for reaching the goals of your company’s marketing strategy. We just find your potential clients in those places where they are used to communicate with the world.

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